8 Months Post Op, They Are Still Firm, Is There Any Hope?

I have been massaging my breast since my surgery 8months ago. I even have been given a prescription by my surgeon a month ago. I was wondering if you have ever seen someone breast get soft over time? Like a year or a year and a half later? I feel like I can't ask my surgeon because this last visit he barely took a minute with me and he actually seemed mad at me because they were not softening up even though I told him I was massaging them every single day.

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8 months post op and still hard

It's unlikely that after 8 months you will see your breasts getting softer, however everyone is different, so never say never.  Have you been taking the prescription?  If so, give it another couple of months and re-evalulate with your surgeon or if you feel more comfortable, another board certified plastic surgeon.  At that time, if there is no improvement, you can go over your options to correct your issue.  ac

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No evidence in massaging breasts decreases the risk of capsular contracture.

If your breasts are firm and eight months is probably due to capsular contracture. As you found out massage really has no benefit in avoiding this breast implant problem.

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Hard Breasts

Sometimes it can take longer than a year for breasts to totally soften after a breast augmentation procedure.  However, if they are still quite firm at 8 months, then it is likely that further softening would be minimal.  Massaging may not change much at this time.  Certain medications, such as Singulair, can help soften the capsules to some degree.  The use of Singulair for breast capsular contractures is an off label use.  It is possible that a scar release surgery (capsulotomy/capsulectomy) may be needed in the future.  All the Best!

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Breast firmness after augmentation

Usually by 8 months the breasts are softer, but it can take longer in some who have tight chests to begin with.

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Breast softening after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast tend to soften and "settle" into the position they attain after surgery over a 3 to 6 months period. Many factors are involved such as the type of implants used, the pocket placement and any capsular contraction issues. more information would be helpful.

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