8 Months Post-op Swelling Making my Nose Look Crooked, Can I Do Anything?

I had an open rhinoplasty with an osteotomy and tip reduction done. My skin is thick so it was thinned out slightly. My left side is very "puffy" and the left side of the tip is roundish unlike my right side which is very refined including the right side of the tip, so this gives an illusion that my nose is crooked. I can feel the underlying structure and it feels even and straight, but will the "crookedness" go away? Are steroid injections necessary? Or should I just tape my nose ?

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Post op rhinoplasty swelling

Tape will do nothing for your post operative result. You are eigth months post surgery and without photographs and direct exam it is difficult to give a proper diagnosis. I would see your surgeon for a post operative appointment and speak with your surgeon and discuss your concerns and see if he/she can give you some answers directly related to your exact surgical procedure. Discuss possible steroid injections and other solutions and get a thorough examination and answer to your questions. Best regards and time is still on your side it takes a full year for all swelling to dissipate and especially in thicker skinned Individuals.

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Asymmetry 8 Months Post-op

It is very difficult to answer your question without seeing your pictures – you should consider posting images showing different views of your nose - in general, any significant asymmetry after 8 months will not be due to swelling

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What to do about a crooked nose after rhinoplasty?

The appearance of the nose after surgery constantly changes.  Every morning it looks different.  Over time this becomes less and by around 6 months, pretty much what you see is the final result.  Because of this, it is important to be patient.  Without question, the very worst results I have seen for second opinions have been in patients that had revision surgery before 6 months.  

At 6 months, if you are unhappy, it is appropriate to discuss possible revision surgery.  Steroid injections can be helpful but you will need to discuss this with your surgeon.

Joseph Campanelli, MD
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Post-op rhinoplasty findings

Post-op nasal swelling is quite common after rhinoplasty. It will take about one year for the swelling to dissipate.

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