5 Months Post Op. Is It Okay to Be a Stomach Sleeper or Will It Make my Breasts Fall?

Hi there. I am 21 and have Polans syndrome. I have had 3 surgeries. I'm a 380cc on one and a 550cc on the other. I have heard that it could be bad for my implants if I sleep on my stomach but it's most comfortable for me. Is it okay to sleep on my stomach? If not, what is the best position for sleeping? Thanks for your time! I appreciate you all so much, having these surgeries changed my life and made me feel normal. God bless you all.

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Stomach sleeper

I recommend that patients sleep on their back or side after surgery and wear their supportive sports bra or compression bra day and night for the first eight weeks. However, please ask your surgeon for their advice since they may have different advice.

Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Sleeping on your stomach (prone) after breast implant augmentation

Sleeping on your stomach may be permitted but I would monitor this closely and only after discussing with your surgeon. In certain situations, I may encourage my patients to wear a gentle supportive garment such as a cammie with shelf bra to minimize lateral displacement of the breasts while sleeping in the prone position.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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