3 Months Post Op Rhinoplasty. Is It the Swelling or Should I Consider Doing Another Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm kind of worried about the shape of my nose. It's been almost 3 months since I had my Rhinoplasty. When I removed my cast, I thought my nose was nice, but few weeks after I found a bump in my nose, and that the nostrils are not symmetrical.. and I still think that my nose is huge ! I went to my doctor 1 months ago, and he told me that this is the swelling, and I should be patient, he even told me that I shouldn't be taking photographs now. I posted some pictures here...I hope you can help me.

Surgeon says it is not swelling, but I need a revision. Is this true?

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After your Rhinoplasty

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The nose can and will swell for a 6 to 9 month period after a Rhinoplasty. The majority of the swelling occurs during the first 3 to 4 months so give it more time.  Also, if you have thicker skin and an active lifestyle, this could lead to a prolonged time of swelling after a Rhinoplasty. Daily nasal massage beginning at 1 month can be done to decrease the nasal swelling.

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Rhinoplasty - 3 months later

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At three months after your rhinoplasty, the tip of your nose is still swollen. On the other hand, the swelling over the upper dorsum (the bridge) of the nose is fading fast. The result is an exaggeration of the swelling of your nasal tip.

Normally, tip swelling takes a year to resolve. Sometimes faster, and sometimes slower. The best course of treatment now is to wait it out. You cannot yet see the result of your surgery.

A second surgery, in the face of the swelling present at three months, will only increase your swelling. It will take longer (1-2 years) for the swelling to subside, and there is a risk of forming additional scar that may never fully resolve.


Allow your first surgery to fully heal before try to "fix" it. Your results are still waiting to be seen.

Joseph Mele, MD
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Considering a Revision 3 Months after Rhinoplasty

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The only way we can help you is to recommend that you wait another 8-9 months before considering a revision and that you should continue to consult with your surgeon. Your nose will change as healing progresses.

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Do I need another rhinoplasty?

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It's going to continue to change. Do not think about revisions at this time. Keep in touch with your surgeon and follow his advice and make sure you have realistic expectations.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
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3 Months Post Op Rhinoplasty

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It is still premature to judge the results of the surgery. Continue to be patient, and continue your communication with your surgeon. Wait another nine to ten months before you consider a revision. Your nose will undergo further changes during this time period while you heal. If you are still unsure, please post another question with photos at that time. Good luck and best wishes for a good recovery.

3 Months Post Op Rhinoplasty. Is It the Swelling or Should I Consider Doing Another Rhinoplasty

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Thank you for submitting your question. Swelling after a rhinoplasty, with tip work will last for a year. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon and folow his advise.  Best wishes

Revision At 3 Months After Rhinoplasty

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Dear Mr. Dia,


Three months post-surgery is not enough for the swelling to subside, your photographs tend to verify this fact.


I advise you to be a little more patient so you achieve full results. Only then that a full assessment of the outcome of the surgery could be analyzed.


In case a revision is to be considered, it cannot be performed with commendable results before you achieve complete recovery.


Best of luck to you and thank you for your inquiry.

Dr. Sajjadian

Too Early for Revision

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Wait a year before deciding if a revision is necessary. Most men have thick skin over their nasal tip that needs many months to settle down and in some instances cannot be reduced further without risk of serious scarring and/or breathing problems.


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In a nutshell: Wait 12 months after the original rhinoplasty for any revision work.  You need the healing time in order to obtain the best result!

Rhinoplasty results take 1 year and are permanent then.

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Rhinoplasty results take 1 year and are permanent thenIt is too soon to decide and you need to wait another 6 months to begin to decide if you will need something more done--the swelling will go down.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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