Almost 5 Months Post Op, Rhinoplasty. I Do in Fact Have Thick Latino Skin. Still Swollen, Should I Get More Kenalog Injections?

My doctor injected kenalog at the 2 month mark then again about 6 weeks later upping the concentration of kenalog the second time & also injecting some Juvederm to fill a small indention along my left side of my nose that I felt was making my nose look slightly crooked. I have an appt. in 2 weeks, should I ask for more kenalog or am I pushing my luck by risking damaging the final result with too much kenalog? Should I stop now that I have Juvederm in there? Can I create lopsidedness?

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Kenalog in the nose

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Kenalog repeatedly injected into the nose can cause problems.  I personally do not use it often in the nose because it can cause atrophy and discoloration.

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