I Am 3 Months Post-op from my 4th Revisionary Breast Surgery on my Left Breast. My Left Breast Was Significantly Larger Due to

I Am 3 Months Post-op from my 4th Revisionary Breast Surgery on my Left Breast.  My Left Breast Was Significantly Larger Due to swelling, which I expected. By the 2nd month, the swelling had reduced, but the left was still noticeably larger than the right. Since then, there has been no change in swelling, but the shape has altered somewhat, more "squared" off, especially in the cleavage. I have no pain, and the breast is soft. Can swelling reduction stop or plateau, and then pick up again? I realize I have to wait 6 months for healing, but with no noticeable improvement in over a month, I am becoming discouraged.

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Swelling after Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Without examining you or seeing pictures, it is difficult to say what is going on.  Swelling can take time to subside and I always ask patients to wait at least 6 months to allow for healing and settling of implants before deciding if they like the results and/or need revision.

Breast issues

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It is very difficult to comment without seeing photos.  But, usually you need to allow 4-6 months to go by to allow things to settle and for the majority of the swelling to dissipate.

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Breast Augmentation Revision San Diego

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Hard to comment without a photo.  Swelling usually progressively resolves and diminishes with the passage of time after a procedure.  If an area seems to be growing or the breast shape is changing, we become concerned enough usually to order an ultrasound, mammogram, or MRI to visualize the breast and implant to learn more about what may be causing the change.

Steve Laverson, MD
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Photos please

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We need photos to be of any help here.  Unfortunately, the best results come without revisions and the more revisions you have, the lower you need to set your expectations.  

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