3 Months Post Op and Still Having Problems with Deformity

I posted a question regarding a deformity when I was a few weeks post op. This is a follow up as I am now 3 months post op. I have expressed my concerns many times with my surgeon, and more less was told I was over reacting. I am experiencing my Right Breast is obviously smaller, and slides under my armpit when laying down. They are both saggy, and do not look like implants AT ALL. What is your opinion on what I am experiencing please. Thank you.

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Ptosis and breast revision

I agree that you need a more aggressive lift than what may have been performed previously, and that there is some asymmetry of the implants. Having said that, pictures only tell part of the story. An exam helps us to determine the laxity/stretchability of the skin envelope, and to see where the nipples sit in relation to the implants and the folds. You probably need a revision to correct the pocket, a possible slight vertical breast lift and implant exchange to larger implants. I do not think you need to wait very long for the revision. If you do not feel like your surgeon agrees that your concerns need to be addressed, or does not feel s/he can meet your expectations, explore a second and even a third opinion. They are called opinions for a reason, but having said that, I think there are some objective findings that can be improved upon.

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3 Months Post Op and Still Having Problems with Deformity

As Dr Rand stated you are experiencing a poor choice in surgical procedures. A full lift with the possible scarring was and is the correct option. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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3 Months Post Op and Still Having Problems with Deformity

normally I like 6 months to pass before considering re-operation, but in your case time will not change the situation. I am assuming you got the left and right mixed up. the breast on the left appears to have a high riding implant with poor pocket placement, too high and too lateral (towards the armpit).  based on the appearance of the right breast I do not think a lift will be required, just more precision in fashioning the new pockets for the implants.  a lift can always be considered secondarily, but based on the right breast your nipple position is adequate and the left nipple appears low but I think it has rotated down because of the high riding implant. I would do an exchange to a new pocket with slightly wider, larger implants. good luck. I see no reason to wait. just one last word Strattice may be required if your tissue is weak or lax (it appears to be) to recreate the proper lateral fold.

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You wil need to have lift and implant pocket revision.

 As Dr.Rand stated you will need to have lift and implant revision. based on the before picture ,you did have a saggy breast and implant was part of the treatment. You will need full lift and implant pocket revision.

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Problems after breast surgery

It is for certain the case that the more slender patients with lax breasts have a much higher percentage of issues after breast augmentation surgery.  It may be that you will need a revision to move your implant up and in but even more than that, you need a full lift as the minimal lift you have had has not corrected the ptosis you started with.  This will involve more scars, but it is the only way to get a great result as implants alone won't give you one.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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