I Am 9 Months Post Op. Is It Normal That my Right Breast Seems to Have Moved Back Up in the Pocket?

My breasts seemed to drop normal and were even since my surgery. However now it seems that my right breast has moved back up, almost looking like it did when before it dropped. Is this normal, or could my implant possibly flipped over the muscle or shifted in the pocket? Does this correct itself or is surgery required to correct the placement?

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One Breast Raising After Augmentation

Hello. It is more likely that your left breast is dropping than your right breast is moving up. This shift could be normal; however, it is possible that you have developed a capsular contraction in the right breast which could cause it to rise. This could be a serious issue which needs to be evaluated by your surgeon right away to prevent serious complications.

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Implant "moving up" on one side is likely capsular contracture.

Particularly since your implant position was symmetrical after surgery, and now has gradually changed only on one side, the most likely cause is capsular contracture, either from bleeding (usually minor, but enough to stimulate CC) or bacteria (usually from dental work coincident with a minor breast bump or bruise that allowed bacteria to enter the space around one implant). I have see the latter, and this is why I (although I am in the minority of PS who do so) recommend a dose or two or antibiotics just prior to dental work.

Shifting in the pocket would not be upwards (gravity), and flipping over would generally not even be detectable, but would not cause an upward displacement anyway.

But, as my colleagues have suggested, this is only speculation (especially without a photo) and direct examination by your plastic surgeon can answer your questions.

If CC is indeed the cause, surgery may be the recommended course of action, as this does not "go away" on its own, nor does it usually respond to oral medication. See your plastic surgeon and have your concerns addressed! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Implant shift after nine months might be capsular contracture

If your implants settled and the right is now moving up in the breast again, the most likely cause is a capsular contracture. As the capsule tightens the implant rounds up and pushes higher in the breast. Only an examination by your surgeon can confirm.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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9 Months Post Op.

The likeliest cause on my list would be a capsular contracture. With no photos or better, and exam by your surgeon, a better idea of the cause can be determined. Some of the possible causes can be treated without surgery, some only with surgery. But on line guesses won't help you much. A visit to your surgeon will.


Thanks for your question

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Without an exam it’s very hard to determine what happened or what can be causing implant to change location. You need to follow up with PS to be examined.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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