I Am 7 Months Post Op from a Breast Reduction and Have a 1" Area that Won't Close?

I am 7 months post op of a breast reduction. I have about a one inch area that is real thin skin and needle head size hole that will not close and drains fat necrosis. Dr has gone in and reopened and removed necroses twice since 1st surgery and after he stitches me up the stitches last maybe 4 days and I am seeping again. Im at a loss he said my last option is to get an implant which I do not want to do.

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Open Wound

In most cases chronic scar tissue formation will not heal over, therefore you will have to back under local anesthesia and have the opening re-stitched.

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Fat Necrosis after Breast Reduction?

Although your plastic surgeon is in the best position to advise you, it sounds like you may have ongoing fat necrosis and a “fistula” communicating with the skin. Our bodies have a way of eliminating unhealthy tissue;  it sounds like this is what your body is doing. At this point, I would suggest that you allow for this process to continue until all of the unhealthy tissue has liquefied and drained.

Again, your plastic surgeon is in a much better position to advise you.  My suggestion is made based on limited information and without the benefit of physical examination.

Best wishes.

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