9 Months Post-op from 2nd Revision Rhinoplasty - Now What??

I'm 9 mo post-op from a 2nd rev rhinoplasty, and I'm unfortunately still very unhappy with the results. This was my 3rd surgery in a 12-year span, and although I am HONESTLY not searching for PERFECTION at this point - I prayed for a MUCH better result than this. My bridge now has a hump where it never had a hump before - which I can live with - but the tip cartilage is totally misshapen and rotates to the left, leaving completely asymmetrical nostrils. I DON'T want more surgery - now what?? :(

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Persistent problems after 3 rhinoplasty surgeries

I'm sorry to hear that your unhappy after having 3 rhinoplasty surgeries. There aren't many good options at this point, in my opinion. I don't usually suggest filler injections to the nasal tip. You may want to wait to allow your nose to heal further -- up to 18-24 months given how many surgeries you've had.

It may be worth consulting with a revision rhinoplasty expert at that point to see what your options are.

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9 Months Post-op from 2nd Revision Rhinoplasty

Sorry about to hear about your situation. It sounds like your options are very limited. Once most of the healing has taken place,  around 12-18 months, then further evaluation can take place.

At that point you either have another revision, which can be emotionally and financially daunting, or you leave it alone. Fillers, in my opinion, are not a good option.

Although you may not be ready to make a decision now, you may feel more confident later. While revision rhinoplasty is a hard surgery, your chances of getting a better outcome improve if your surgeon specializes in this type of surgery.

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