6 Months Post Op Lipo on Flank Area, Still Tenderness and Discoloration, Normal? (photo)

I had tumescent lipo on my flank area 6 months ago. I have one lump (scar tissue?) and divet around my iliac crest that the doctor has recommended treating with mesotherapy but overall have tenderness and discoloration on both sides. Is this normal? It feels like the tissue is really tight and hurts to stretch when I workout.

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Tenderness and Discoloration Six Months After Lipo

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Hello Stella,

Thanks for bringing up this question and posting the pic. Possible conditions are:

-Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Since it seems you had the procedure done during the summer, it may be excessive pigment caused by the combination of sun and healing tissues. You can see this kind of similar discoloration if a dark skinned person gets a zit in the summer and there is a dark spot after the acne spot is gone. The best treatment would be to avoid all tanning except spray tanning and usually the discoloration will go away. Sometimes prescription creams such as tretinoin or chemical peels are helpful.

-Scarring. Did your doctor use laser liposuction? If  so, the laser causes heat at the end of the suction tube and if it gets too close to the underside of the skin, discoloration and scarring may result. Liposuction with micro-cannulas and saving any laser work for later is what I and many others recommend as the best and safest form of liposuction.

Careful examination by an experienced physician should give you the correct diagnosis and treatment.


Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon

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