3 months post op, still congested and assymetry, is it normal?

My right nostril is stuffed up most of the time (the right one has more discharge, gets cleaned easily and feels great). Also, the right side of my nose looks larger (I blame the swelling for that) and I ocassionally get little spots of blood on the q-tip. The nose is very tender still. I have bumped it lots of times since surgery...it doesn't hurt but feels weird if I make facial expressions and I still can't clean the skin prooperly. 

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

While it may take one year, occasionally longer, to pronounce the result as final, the appearance of your nose after 3 months is very close to what it will look like after a year. If there was trauma (you mentioned you hit your nose), that may cause additional swelling and could possibly be the cause of the swelling and tenderness. The blood on the q-tip is most likely de to dryness and irritation of the lining at the tip of the nose. A follow-up with your surgeon will help him/her determine what the underlying causes are.

Montreal Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Yes, that is normal

Yes it is normal as you are only 3 months post-surgery.  Be patient and be sure to discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Babak Azizzadeh, MD
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Concerns after rhinoplasty

3 months after rhinoplasty your nose should be close to your final result.  There is often some mild swelling on the outside and inside for up to a year, but 80-90% of the healing is complete in the first 3 months.  If there is any concern, you should return to see the surgeon who performed the procedure to discuss the specific details of your surgery.

Jason Lichtenberger, MD
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