Breasts Uneven 6 Months After Augmentation

I am 6 months post op and my breasts are uneven and different sizes. Is this normal? I noticed right after the surgery that one incision was a little lower than the other, now as time progresses it seems to be getting lower and the breast is larger and numb to the inside. I cannot get in to see my PS for a couple of months and I am concerned that it might be bottoming out or is it a natural healing process since I did not have any breast tissue to begin with? Please help!!

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Post-Operative Breast Asymmetry

It's not unusual for patients to have minor degrees of asymmetry following breast augmentation surgery. This is a normal finding and occurs to some degree in almost everyone who undergoes breast augmentation. Asymmetry can occur for a variety of reasons. It's often due to factors that can't be controlled by the surgeon. It's often related to baseline asymmetry of the breast tissue, nipple areola position and underlying chest wall.

Your pictures suggest a relatively good result even though minor degrees of asymmetry are present. It's virtually impossible to make recommendations without pre-operative pictures or a physical examination. For these reasons, it's appropriate to contact your surgeon as soon as possible. Your surgeon should be able to address your concerns.

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Uneven breasts after implatn augmentation (photos/pics)

To me, you have a reasonable outcome which I believe was associated with pre-existing breast asymmetry. You should be able to get into your surgeon sooner. They may advise certain garment wear or exercises. However, if you are unhappy it is possible to consider revision.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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You can wait till you see your surgeon

you have slight unevenness and the left breast implant is a bit lower. This will not change much in near future. If you start to feel the edge of the implant more over the left side, you may need revision. you left scar is coming higher and this because of the implant getting lower . You also may had some degree of the unevenness before surgery.

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Subtle breast asymmetry after augmentation

We can't see the scars in your photo and we don't have a preop to look at, but other that one implant being slightly closer to the midline than the other, you have a perfectly reasonable result.  There is nothing perfect in lift and even if your surgeon did everything perfectly, sometimes the healing process can move the implants slightly.  Wait to see your doctor, there is no emergency here.

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