4 Months Post Op Breast Problem - Uneven Nipples and Settling? (photo)

My leftie settled nicely but right hasn't changed since I last visited my PS (2 months ago), who told me it'll catch up. Right still feels comparably harder and sits higher (seen in pic). Both breasts jiggles when I move and my right isn't painful. But I can feel the right implant when I lie on my stomach. Nipples are evidently uneven (I was quite even before). I tired massage, it hasn't worked. I'm worried. If it's CC (perhaps a mild form?), is it too late to take medication?

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Uneven Nipple Height

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After reviewing your picture and evaluating your story I feel that this may not represent capsular contracture.  It appears that the distance from the nipple to the crease is different in each breast.  This will give you unequal nipple height.

Dr. ES

Capsule contracture would be noticed as a worsening problem

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There are one of two possible issues occurring with the high riding breast implant.  The first is that the tissues that were free to create the pocket were not freed enough or as much as the other breast or that you are forming a capsule contracture.  A capsule contracture would present as a worsening issue since as the capsule contracture takes form the breast becomes firmer and its position and shape changes usually sitting higher on the chest wall.  If this second description is not what you have experienced it may just be that the higher breast needs to be lowered.  Doing so is relatively straight forward and may even be done under local anesthesia.

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