3 months post op Breast Implant Revision from over to under muscle. Droopy and uneven, wide, lopsided? (photo)

I posted pics here right after this surgery and now 3 months later I am stuck with a super droopy breast and other breast looks smaller and breasts too wide apart. My old breasts which were over muscle looked much better than this. My doc said he cannot help me,says if he puts over muscle again they will look bad and said only way to fix droopy breast is a lift with a noticeable scar which I will not do. My old surgical report from 90' stated that under muscle not pos due to thin tissue by niple

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Drooping breasts

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Thank you for the photos but they would have been much better with someone else holding the camera and taking them as raising your arms for the photos changes the position of the breasts. It would also be helpful to have your pre-operative photos to compare what your breasts looked like prior to being moved submuscular. also why were they moved?

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