6 Months Post Op Breast Augmentation, Uneven Breasts....

Had BA Dec 2010 Under the Muscle Silicone Gel Med Profile 400cc on both breasts. I was a 34A cup and now a 34D. I have had some rippling issues in my cleavage area you can mildly see in the pictures which I am concerned with and why are they so uneven? I asked my PS about this he said to massage the right breast for the next 6 wks until my appt on 8/16. I moved the appt up to next week 7/21 b/c I am finding the only thing to make the uneven-ness not visible is a sports bra... unhappy.

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Breast asymmetries following breast augmentation surgery

Your photos are very helpful in assessing  your situation. Preoperative photos would be very helpful so as to determine how much asymmetry you had prior to surgery. Presently, your right breast is higher, smaller and the crease is significantly higher. If this higher crease was present prior to surgery, the treatment would be to lower it and therefore lower the position of the implant, providing you with greater symmetry. Consideration may need be given for a slightly larger implant on the right.

You did not mention whether your right breast feels hard which is a consequence of capsular contracture and can cause the crease to rise on that side.

You may want to obtain a second opinion as well from 1 or more other board certified plastic surgeons regarding your situation. Ultimately, you will need some revision surgery to improve your outcome.

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Uneven after breast augmentation

It would be nice to see pre-operative photos to see if there was any degree of uneveness that was not correccted.  It also appears that the right side may be tighter and have a firmer capsule than the left.  Itr may be that you need a release of the capsule on the right or a different size implant.  Discuss this at lenghth with your plastic surgeon.


Pre op photos would be ideal to see how much asymmetry you had pre BA. However it does look like the right breast implant may be placed too high . This should be judged at about 6-12 weeks then raised as necessary

Revision surgery

The asymmetry is visible and I understand why you're concerned. At this point, I don't think massage will help much. You should request something more to be done. Perhaps revision surgery may be necessary. 

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Revisional surgery may be needed to correct asymmetry.

There’s no question that you have breast asymmetry following your breast augmentation procedure.Your pictures suggest an elevated right infra-mammary fold, nipple areola malposition and an increased upper breast fullness.In addition, your left breast is significantly larger than your right breast.
Unfortunately, without pre-operative pictures and a physical examination, it’s difficult to determine the exact cause of these problems.It’s entirely possible that some of your asymmetry was present prior to surgery.If this was the case, it may be impossible to totally correct the problems without making compromises.
A more likely scenario is that you’ve developed a capsular contracture of the right breast.Under these circumstances, release of the capsular contracture and replacement of your current implant with a larger breast implant might correct the problem.
It’s safe to say that massage probably won’t impact your situation at this point in time and that revisional surgery is probably indicated.For this reason, it’s important that you have further discussion with your plastic surgeon about your options.

Follow surgeon's instructions to see if asymmetry fixes itself

You should follow your surgeon's instructions and see if there's any improvement. If not, then you may consider revision surgery. Best of luck.

Postop breast asymmetry after 6 months

The photos definitely shows that there is definite asymmetry between the breasts. You did not include photos of your preop breasts which would be helpful in analyzing the problem. But regardless at this tiem surgeryand not massaging is the only way to correct the asymmetry which would inlude lowering the right breast and possibly changing the size of the implant. Discuss with your PS. Good luck!

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Uneven breasts after augmentation

I agree with the many experts who posted already. To summarize, there are several reasons why your breasts may be uneven - pre-existing asymmetry which may have been helped with a large implant on your right adn lowering the right fold slightly, a chest wall concavity on the right which is making the right breast implant "sink" into the chest and can make it appear smaller than the left, or the development of capsular contracture or scarring around the right implant.  A pre-op photo will help to narrow down these possibilities, but regardless of the cause, it appears that a repeat operation is indicated if you are unhappy with the results. I don't think that massaging will do much to improve things significantly at this point.  As said before, you may consider another opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon.

6 Months Post Op Breast Augmentation, Uneven Breasts.

As you can read from the expert posters here you will need a revision of this surgery. Sorry. Best to obtain some other opinions from boarded PSSs in your area just to hear other options. 

Asymmetry 6 months after breast augmentation.

Without a physical examination it is impossible to tell the degree of firmness in your breasts, and whether or not the right breast has more tightness or firmness than the left. If you are bothered by rippling, however, they could be soft and just have the high, tight, hard appearance your photos show.

If they are more firm than soft, you have capsular contracture on one or both sides (possibly to differing degrees), and require partial or complete capsulectomies. Slightly larger implants, if that fits your size goals, may help to decrease the width of your cleavage area, but this needs to be done carefully without excessive lowering of the bottom of your pockets, particularly on the left side, where a double bubble would be a concern.

If your breasts are soft, you can live with the degree of rippling you feel rather than see, and you like your size, your surgeon may be able to just lower your right crease ever so slightly and improve symmetry for you. Please remember that the enemy of "good enough" is "better." Follow your surgeon's advice, or if you have a feeling that things just aren't adding up, get a second or third opinion from ABPS-certified plastic surgeons with lots of breast implant experience. Best wishes!

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