6 Months Post-op Breast Augmentation One is Larger and Lower Than the Other? (photo)

Am very unhappy with these results. One is lower than the other and seems larger. If I had them removed, would it be that noticeable at this point in the sagging? Also, do they seem too wide apart and is that just because of my build or were they put in that way? Neither side is firmer than the other. The left sagged about 1/4 inch below the crease and has always appeared larger since after surgery. Doctor recommends lifting and tucking in the left side but I don't like the right side either.

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It is normal

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Based on the before photos you had that asymmetry before surgery and you still have it after surgery.  there are different types of lifts you can do but know that achieving symmetry is impossible.

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Breast asymmetry

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You ahd breast asymmetry before surgery and now it is exaggerated. A lift may help restore better symmetry.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast augmentation results

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I would agree that your nipples are off a bit.  From your preop photos it looks like the assymetry you had prior to surgery carried on after.  This is pretty common if different sized implants are not used or in your case a lift is not done.  Your cleavage looks pretty good.  I'd say a lift and maybe a slight implant size change would make you the most symmetric.  Remember that breasts will never be perfectly symmetric regardless of what you have done and are really sisters not twins.  Overall the result looks reasonable so you might want to wait a bit and see how things continue to settle out.  Best of luck, Dr Kerr

6 Months after Breast Augmentation and Considering a Revision

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   A lift and pocket revision on the one side with a pocket revision on the other will likely get you a more acceptable result.  With regard to size, adjustments would have to be made in the size of implants placed.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Breast Augmentation One is Larger and Lower Than the Other

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Thanks for your question, and for the photos posted. 

On the pre-ops, the right (mirror?) seems a bit larger and sags more.  What looked reasonable satisfactory at 18 days no longer does. 

I am not sure what you don't like about the non-sagging size, and knowing that would be needed in making a suitable correction plan. 

Otherwise, I would recommend a lift on the right (?) side, and an implant exchange to get the sides more even. 

If you don't concur with your surgeons proposal, getting another opinion seems the best next step. All the best. 


Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

6 Months Post-op Breast Augmentation One is Larger and Lower Than the Other?

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I do see the asymmetry.  I would recommend discussing your concerns in detail with your surgeon, telling him exactly what you do not like about each side, and see what options he gives you.  If you do not like the answers he gives, then I would recommend getting a second opinion.  At this point, surgery is the only option to correct your concerns, but you should be well informed what procedures will give you what type of results.  Good luck!

Amy T. Bandy, DO, FACS
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