6 Months Post Op Rhinoplasty and Still Very Swollen is This Normal?

Im about six months post-op rhinoplasty and still very swollen especially from the middle to the tip of my nose.Originally I went in because I had a bulbous tip and now it looks bigger than before! I would expect my nose to go down darastically especially in 6 months but i feel like its not going down. It also feels tight and sore is this normal?

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6 months post-op

Thicker skin noses in general need plenty of time to develop their final shape – you may wish to see your surgeon about Kenalog injections

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Post operative rhinoplasty swelling

Well I have answered three questions this morning on this topic and it appears a great concern to many patients. I like to follow up with my patients as much as possible especially if they are local so that I can answer these questions and check the recovery period. With that said six months post op the majority of your swelling should be gone typically around 70% dissipation. The last 30% can take an entire year to fully dissipate. Six months post op typically the tip is not larger then before the surgery and a nice esthetic difference should already be evident. I would see your surgeon and hopefully he/she can give you some peace of mind regarding your recovery process. Best regards!

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