Six Months Post-Op: Going to Discuss Revision for my Septo/Rhinoplasty

I am six months post op from an open septo/rhinoplasty and am going to discuss revision with my surgeon next month. I think the problems I am noticing has more to do with healing than the surgeon doing a poor job. He specializes in facial reconstruction. He is an Otolaryngologist. Judging by my photo what do you think needs to be done? Should I use the same surgeon? Does your original surgeon usually charge the same as a rhinoplasty

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Revision 6 Months after Septo-rhinoplasty

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I'm sorry, but it is impossible to evaluate your nose with the picture submitted. If you're uncertain about your surgeon, get a second opinion. Charges for  revision surgery depends on your understanding with your surgeon beore surgery and what you and your surgeon feel is necessary to improve your result.

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