I Have 450cc Saline Moderate Smooth Implants. 500cc in my Right Breast. What are my Options for Revision? (photo)

I Am Four Months Post Op. My breasts look so unven. my right one looks so much smaller then.the left. At times I can even see the lining of the implant. They are soft. But they look terrible! This isnt what I paid for! What are my options? Thanks in advance

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Implant Exchange with Mini Ultimate Breast Lift

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You would benefit from a new technique called Implant Exchange with Mini Ultimate Breast Lift.  Using only a circumareola incision it is possible to exchange your implants to correct the asymmetry, reshape your breast tissue creating upper pole fullness, elevate them higher on the chest wall and more medial to increase your cleavage.  Aligning the areola, breast tissue and implant over the chest wall gives maximum anterior projection with a minimal size implant.  Smaller silicone implants are more stable long term, look and feel more natural, less likely to ripple or to have complications that need revision. 


Best Wishes,


Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Texas Plastic Surgeon
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Revision Options

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Thanks for the picture.  The firs solution would be to perform a lift on the left breast.  You should seek an in-office consultation to determine what your goals would be and for a good physical exam.

Dr. ES

Have 450cc Saline Moderate Smooth Implants. 500cc in my Right Breast. What are my Options for Revision?

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Need before photo posted! and better nude views of the afters. But I bet you where asymmetric before and the choice was not different enough to gain a better symmetry. Plus you might needed a donut lift also. In most cases there will be a surgical fee plus new implant fee. But no surgeons fee. Good luck. 

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Breast asymmetry following a breast augmentation

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Breast asymmetry is very common and can not always be corrected with a breast augmentation.  The only way to achieve absolute symmetry is to start off symmetric.  It is possible that you needed a breast lift on the left side.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Possible fluid addition...or lift...

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Sometimes breasts look different because of size and sometimes it's the shape and sometimes both!!! If your breasts truly fill the cups of your bra differently, then adding a bit of fluid to the smaller side is possible...But if it is a shape difference, then a lift may be in order...

John J. Corey, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant revision can correct shape as well as size.

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It looks like the asymmetry has a lot to do with shape (one nipple lower).  This can be corrected during revision and of course implant size can be adjusted.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Options for revision after augmentation

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Sometimes we cannot blame the implant. Your asymmetry might be caused by the difference in the skin envelope left to right that the implant cannot overcome. Still, you probably should wait to let the envelope relax and see what the end result will be. Then you will have a better idea if the lax breast needs a lift.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation revision

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It is difficult to tell without more detailed views exactly what is going on. From the limited photo it looks like the left breat is drooping below the level of the implant (ptotic) and the right implant is slightly bottomed out or below the breast tissue on that side. You do have many options, many of which should be able to give you a good result with a relatively easy procedure.

M. Dean Vistnes, MD
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implant Revision

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Based on the picture, it looks like one breast may have been droopier than the other before surgery and may benefit from a lift. Showing better before and after pictures may help. 

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Silicone gel implants often times better than saline.

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I don't know why there is asymmetry of the breasts. There are no preoperative pictures for comparison and not enough angles of the present situation. If revision is necessary I would suggest you use consider silicone gel implants because of the waviness you are observing with the present saline implants.

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