3 months post implants not satisfied with size

I had a computerized picture of 375cc implants of the look I wanted. my PS sized by putting implants in hou clothes With that method 375cc looked massive. So, I choose a 325cc implant giving a similar look/size to my pic. I had confidence in the PS but was not made aware of how the muscle would compress the implant Idon't have the fullness/cleavage that I wanted. How can I discuss this effectively with my PS. Would the redo costs be negotiable? How soon should I begin my discussions with him.

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

Great question, I dont use imaging because it can be misleading, if patients want to go bigger most people have a policy and its usually 50% of the cost of the first surgery 

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You're still early post-op.  You should discuss your concerns with your PS.  I usually tell my patient to wait 6-12 months before considering a revision.  Only your PS can tell you if he/she will offer a better price for any revisions.

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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3 months post implants not satisfied with size

I am sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction after breast augmentation surgery. The question however may be helpful to others considering this procedure. Very careful preoperative communication is one of the important keys to success when it comes to achieving patients' goals with the breast augmentation procedure.
Although the use of sizers under the bra, goal pictures, computer imaging etc. may be helpful in the communication process, none of these modalities are 100% precise. Ultimately, the combination of these modalities and careful communication in front of a full-length mirror will provide the greatest chance that a plastic surgeon can help his/her patient achieve her goals with breast augmentation surgery.  Patients should not proceed to the opera want to they are comfortable that the plastic surgeon has a good understanding of what they are trying to achieve.
In your case, it is not early to communicate your concerns/goals with your plastic surgeon in a calm and constructive fashion. Most experienced plastic surgeons have handled this situation before; hopefully, working together you will be able to formulate a plan to achieve your goals. Also, hopefully your plastic surgeon will work with you to minimize the costs of additional surgery as much as possible.
Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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