Results Fading 5 Months After Full TT and Lipo

I had a full t.t. w/ lipo of stomach and sides of hips 5 months ago. 4 weeks ago I noticed that my stomach began to get more elastic and also seemed to be quite flabby(I could grab two handfuls of fat/skin).Now,I have to suck in when bending down or sitting or else it rolls.I have been watching what I eat, exercising regularly to try and tone while working abs to get it to firm up. Why am I having to firm up a tummy tuck? If I'm not sucking in, it's relaxed and sticking out!Weight is down 5 lbs.

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Fading results after tummy tuck

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You have had a nice result after your tummy tuck.  A great deal of extra skin and fat have been removed, and the deep fascia has apparently been tightened.

Tummy tuck surgery tightens the deep fascia the most it can, removes as much loose skin as is reasonable, and usually fat at the same time.  That's all it does.  The rest is up to the patient. 

To get your optimal result, you will want to get your physical conditioning and dietary restraint to the next level.  Patients with fantastic bodies expend fantastic effort to get that way.

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Diminishing result after Tummy Tuck

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It appears that you have had a significant improvement after the tummy tuck.  Tummy tuck can be a non specific term, but it appears as you describe it, that you have had a full lipoabdominoplasty or as some describe it,  an anterior torsoplasty.  Given that description, it is likely that you had some degree of muscle modification.  If you have maintained healthy exercize and dietary habits and have lost an additional five pounds since your surgery, it is possible that your workout routine includes the wrong kind of abdominal exercizes.  In my practice, I caution against a sit up or a crunch where the torso is flexed against the pelvis.  This can actually centralize all the muscular forces to act upon the weakest part of the abdominal wall which has been strengthened and repaired.  I am far more comfortable with exercizes along the lines of a leg lift of bicycle where you lie flat on your back, your torso and pelvis are in line, and all your abdominal contents fall against your spine.  This has the effect of strengthening the muscle but not weakening the repair.  Besides possibly modifying your exercize regimen, you may wish to consult with the operating surgeon or seek out another plastic surgeon to obtain a better evaluation than can be done by pictures over the internet.  I hope this is helpful.

Results Fading 5 Months After Full TT and Lipo

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Thanks for the photo series and great description of your history. I'm at a loss to explain over the internet without an in person examination. My guesses are poorly done surgery, weight gain, no muscle repair, or a combination of these. Though you deny weight gain. I recommend obtaining in person second opinions. From MIAMI 

Tummy Tuck Results

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Without examining you in person, it is hard to comment specifically on your results.  However, tummy tuck / abdominoplasty results should be long-lasting.  It may be the case that your surgeon excised (cut away) as much skin as was safe to perform at that time.  Also, it looks like you may have had a rectus plication (tightening of the muscle fascia), but unknown without seeing you in person or reviewing your operative record.  At this point, I would suggest giving it a total of 3 to 6 months for the tissue to settle and then discuss with your surgeon whether liposuction or some other procedure may be beneficial. 


Good Luck.

Result is fading five months after tummy tuck

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Your photos do show substantial gains from your tummy tuck procedure, though after five to six months we do expect the abdomen to soften and move naturally. Intra-abdominal fat, muscular tone, and posture, and skin elasticity all recontribute to abdominal contour. To make your good results even better fitness must become a way of life. To look slim and athletic you must be athletic and the rest will happen.

Best of luck,


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