5 Months Post Breast Augmentation & Lift, Implants Still Slightly High?

On June 2nd I had a lollipop lift & got 450 cc mod+ profile. I was told they should be completely dropped around 3 months, but its been 5 now and I still think they are a LITTLE high. I'd say they are about 90% done dropping, but I'm worried they're stuck like this. I can't even wear a normal bra yet because they don't sit in the cups all the way. At my 3 month post op apt my ps said he thinks they are done dropping but I disagree. Will the band help anymore? What are my options?

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Breast augmentation and Lifting Results?

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Thank you for the question. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give you precise advice without pictures or direct examination.

However, based on your description of the implants being “a little high” and “about 90% done dropping” I do not think you have much to worry about. I have seen implants “drop” for over a year after surgery.

I would suggest you continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon and follow his/her recommendations in regards to massage or the use of a band. Visiting with your plastic surgeon will also help to rule out any abnormality ( such as encapsulation)  that may be preventing the implant from dropping further.

I hope this helps.

Breast too high - options

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Thank you for your question.  Since they are 90% there, I would recommend waiting a little more and be patient.  If after a year, you are still concerned, a revision procedure to release the lower aspect of your breast pocket/capsule should help to allow the breasts to descend. I would recommend an inframammary fold approach and also consider a dual plane approach if this was not done with your first procedure.

Implant settling

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Implants tend to settle usually over three to six weeks, but can take three to six months as shown in an article years ago by Dr. Burkhardt. Wearing the bandeau support strap and applying pressure to the superior pole of the implant may help stretch the inferior pole soft tissues and assist the implants in settling. However, if they remain high, then you may need surgery to lower them. I would discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeron.

Todd C. Case, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

5 Months Post Breast Augmentation & Lift, Implants Still Slightly High?

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As stated by one of my colleagues "the common problem is that the breast and implant do not sag together..."

This is PRECISELY why I prefer to place my implant OVER the muscle when I am doing a breast lift at the same time. It is dramatically easier to get the breast and the implant to stay together over time if you put them together in the operating room (i.e., place the implant just behind the breast gland and over the muscle).

In Canada we have unrestricted access to anatomic (tear-drop) highly cohesive silicone gel implants. These look much better over the muscle than do round implants.

There is a theoretical higher risk of healing problems when the implant is placed over the muscle. However I have been doing most augmentation/mastopexies in this way for 10 years or so and have not seen such complications.

Good luck!

Implants riding too high 5 months after breast lift

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Without photos, it is impossible to provide you with an accurate assessment of your situation and give you recommendations. However, in general, if the implants are high now it is unlikely that there will not be an improvement without surgical intervention. In fact what you may see are the breasts descending off the implants. It is highly probable that the only way to fully correct this situation would be to enlarge the pocket lower down and allow the implants to be seated lower. The other issue is if the implants are not the right size and configuration, this will not completely address the problem.

Pease send pictures

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It is hard to give a good answer without pictures. The revision rate for the combined lift and implant is 40-80% depending on the source. The common problem is that implant and breast tissue do not sag together and this causes implant to stay high and breast tissue to fall off the implant.If the result is not achieved in 3 months,it will not get better by waiting.

Implant position after 3 months

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Most implants are in position by 3 months.

You can try:

  1. continued massage 
  2. strapping
  3. accolate
  4. vit e

there is no harm in waiting

Implants high at five months post-op

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Three months is usually my magic number for the time when implants should have fully dropped and softened when they are placed under the muscle.  Very few patients need more time than this.  If your implants have not dropped by five months, it could be that there is still some muscle tissue holding them up.  I disagree with the idea of lifting weights to push the implants down.  Toning up the chest muscle, in my opinion, will only cause the muscle to push the implants further upward and outward.  If there is muscle remaining that is holding the implants too high then the solution, in my opinion, would be another procedure to open the breast implant pocket further thus allowing the implants to drop.

Done dropping?

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If the implants are beneath the muscle try lifting light weights, and push-ups. First check with your surgeon. The contraction of the muscle might help to push the implants down a bit further. Continue massage and Vitamin E.

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