6 Months Post BA, Size Not As I Wanted from Trying on Falsies? (photo)

So I am 6 months post BA, had saline 375 cc L & 425 cc R. Pre-op barely 32 B, 5'3", 120 lbs. I chose that size from the look I got trying on the falsies, but even with a padded push-up bra now I don't fill out the same shirt I was wearing then. I barely measure 8.5 across my breast, which I saw makes a full C. I guess from the look I wanted with the falsies I wanted more of a full D. I wear a 32 DD now usually? My doctor said we could add 50 cc's more, should I try that first or maybe revision?

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Full cup bigger?

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You have a very pretty result, but if you are not happy, then consider your options.  The most affordable would probably be adding the 50cc, but this will not be a full cup size more.  Use a zip lock bag at home and add 50cc to it and put it in your bra to see if you like it.  Also realize this added volume will make your implants appear a bit more rounded on top.  This may be enough for you.  Consider your other choices and ask your surgeon if he would negotiate with you for a new pair.  Good luck!

6 month post BA

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Thanks for your question.I think you have a good result.  I don't believe that 50cc vol will make much of a difference.  You should discuss this concern with your surgeon.  Best of luck!

Vladimir Milovic, MD, FRACS
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Size Not As I Wanted

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None of the sizing methods gives the desired outcome 100% of the time. I favor using sizers as apparently does your surgeon. 

Without seeing photos from both before and after it is not possible to comment on implants size. There are no fixed definitions of cup sizes, and I have a number of patients who can fit into bras of three different cup sizes. 

From he one photo I do see, I would be surprised if the cup size isn't at least 32D.  And unless I don't understand the comments you have made, it sounds like you are wearing a 32 DD.

As to size change, as a rule I find that anything less than 100 cc change in a patient with implants in the 400 cc range is not likely to be a noticeable enough change to be worth the bother and expense. 

A downside of larger implants may be that the implants will stick out over the sides of the breast, and look somewhat unnatural in that regard. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implant result not big enough

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I often find patients questioning if they should have" gone bigger"

A good surgical result is a mix of the right volume in the skin envelope and the nipple being on the top of the breast mound.

You have a good result and I do think the 50cc will make a significant change. It needs discussion with yuor surgeon as to whether the result needs a full revision and if that will achieve yuor goals

Jeremy Hunt  

Adding more saline to breast implants will change their shape too

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While you always can add more saline to your implants, this will not only change their volume, but it will change their shape too, as they will become more round and spherical.  They will also become more firm.  You have some ptosis, or looseness, of the breasts, and this may require a lift to achieve the exact look you want.  You should sit down formally and discuss this with your surgeon.

Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

6 Months Post BA, Size Not As I Wanted from Trying on Falsies?

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Choosing the volume size for implants needs the patient to be very clear. If you desired a full D cup than the size used was too small. I recommend 500 cc range and thus you will need new pair of implants. Sorry. 

Breast implant revision larger?

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If you want larger, try the volume that you want to add in your bra without the falsies.  Then if it is appropriate get implants with the new total volume that matches your anatomy appropriately. Good luck.

If you are not happy with your size,50 cc will not help

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If you are not happy with your size  after 375cc and 425 cc implants ,you will not be happy with adding 50 cc. The minimum size enlargement to see difference is 100 cc.  

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