Six months post around the world tummy tuck. Have complications. Is my doctor telling the truth or trying to cover something up?

6 months post around world tummy tuck w/ some lipo on flanks/significant tightening of abdominal muscles due to triplet pregnancy. Experiencing complications. Pain and swelling in abdomen and lower back. Can't exercise. CT scan shows kidney stones (no history) + "stranding & mild fluid w/in gluteal soft tissue likely from prior surgery." Surgeon said my internal sutures tore & he has to redo entire surgery. Gave very little info & said he would eat the cost b/c his fault. What does this mean?

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Things happen following surgery

and it appears your surgeon is willing to 'eat the costs' as you say to give you a better result.  The stones have nothing to do with your surgery.  But the fluid collection does.  Trust your surgeon to do the best job he can do for you, especially since he is willing to pay for it.

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Postop Complications

I genuinely suspect any information you would get from a site like this would be far less valuable than a conversation with your surgeon or someone in his office. Postop complications are always a challenge and no one will be more invested in your recovery than your surgeon.
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