8 Months PO Swelling Normal? (photo)

I had my surgery on Dec 13, 2011...so i'm sitting at 8 months post op right now. My PS did a full tummy tuck with traditional liposuction of the hips. My swelling has been on and off, some days are worse than others, but typically it's just swelling right above the incision line. Recently (within the last week), I have developed this huge swelled area on my left hip/buttocks area. It is extremely noticible with or without underwear. It's hard to the touch, and it's very uncomfortable.

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8 Months PO Swelling Norma

Thanks for your question and for the photo. As you note, the photo quality isn't great.  I would not consider this a normal outcome. I can't really see the hip area, so I am answering with regard to the lower abdomen.

I wonder about a fluid collection--hematoma (blood) or seroma (serum). A visit to your surgeon is in order to figure this out and plan how to get you to the result you want.

Best wishes.

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8 Months PO Swelling Normal? (

The posted photo is not a good view to give an over the internet answer. PLEASE seek in person second opinions. Long term residual serums are very unusual. Follow up would be nice

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Swelling 8 months after Surgery

Sometimes after a tummy tuck and liposuction you still may see swelling for up to 1 year after surgery. If this is something that has recently happened then I would consult with your plastic surgeon to make sure that you aren't having a complication.

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