2 Months PO Breast Reduction, Large Hematoma and Numb

I have had a hematoma (no visible bruising)since day one that has now hardened, its the size of my fist. My doctor's answer is heat/massage/time it will go away. Some of it can be felt under the areola. The areola has been numb since day one, the nipple reacts very slightly to stimulation but I get no sensation. Am I at risk for the feeling not coming back/permanent damage from the pressure of the hematoma? The dr says I should get the feeling back since the nipple reacts some. Thoughts? TY!

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I would wait too

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No harm with waiting. most hematomas should liquidify, so you may not need any intervention. Nipple sensation may or may not come back, and i think irrespective of hematoma.

Panama City Plastic Surgeon

Hematoma and nipple sensation

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Nipple sensation can change after any breast reduction or mastopexy. When you cut around the nipple for a procedure , the nipple can be affected in sensation and blood flow. Well documented complication after the procedure. I have had hypersensitive and hypo-sensitive nipples with my practice. Time usually improves everything but sometimes not .

The hematoma can usually resolve with time.  If not then a surgical procedure may be needed to remove the hard part.  The concern for any surgeon is that you want to avoid any additional concern for the nipple. The hardest thing is to wait for you and your surgeon. Keep the communication channels open and tell him your concerns. Good Luck.

Paul Albear, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

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