6 months of Obagi Nu Derm and 4 Pixel laser treatments and this is my skin. Can anybody help me please? (photo)

I was recommended by a dermatologist to try the obagu nu derm treatment and a course of pixel laser to treat hyperpigmentation that covered my entire face and was told it would improve the acne scars which were small and not very visible. The treatment was harsh and my skin would be red but told to continue as it was part of the process. After 6 months although the hyperpigmentation seems to be resolved my skin is now gruesomely damaged it is very shiny with a waxy scarred orange peel appearance

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Melarase creams and Ematrix

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I would switch to a lighter skin lightener such as Melarase and utilize either Ematrix or light chemical peels to even out your skin texture and color. 

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