I Am at 6 Months Since my Rhinoplasty,and I Am Not Happy with the Results. Any Tips?

I got a nose job last August. One nostril is way bigger than the other, & it is not flattering in pics whatsoever. I was told on here to wait until 6 months to 9 months to consider revision rhinoplasty. I've heard of steroid injections minimizing the hard swelling of the nose. Would the surgeon charge me? & would this tighten the skin? It's not as tight as b4 & he spoke of an in office procedure to bring in the sides. Is now okay since it's obvious that they just weren't brought in enough?

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Unhappy after Rhinoplasty

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At 6 months you can have a revision of the Weir incisions to bring the nostrils in medially and make your nose appear narrower. Steroid injections can help ease the swelling and prevent scar tissue formation especially in the supra-tip area. You MUST be very careful with steroids in the nose post-op. Be sure to use a weak concentration and do not over do it. You can easily create defects from the steroids if not cautious and prudent with the injections.


Rhinoplasty Revision Discussion

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Each office has a differenet policy on whether to charge or how to charge for revisions. 6 months is suffcient time for the results and it is appropriate to discuss with your surgeon what options that you have.

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