It Has Been 8 Months Since my Botox Injection and I Still Have Blepharoptosis/Blurred Vision?

I have read the posts of botox not being permanent specifically in causing blepharoptosis, however it has been over 8 months since I had the injection and still continue to have the ptosis. I have now been referred for blepharoplasty. I see that there are no reportable cases of permanent damage. It is interesting to me as the clinic where i went, Spa Medica in Yorkville, Toronto, ON, has yet to report my case. Is there a board where I can do this independently ? Any current research on this?

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Drooping of the upper eyelid after Botox

If you still have a droopy eyelid more than four to five months after Botox, it very well be caused by something other than Botox. If there is a condition that is not noticed prior to the Botox treatment, or there even was a droop that was mild but not as significant, possibly the Botox made it more apparent but didn't cause it. 

Please see a neurologist to rule out myasthenia gravis and other conditions. A neuroopthalmologist may also be consulted for an opinion.

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Botox and ptosis

Botox (injectable botulinum toxin) should not last longer than 6 months.  It is possible that there was underlying ptosis present that was unmasked by the Botox.  See an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation and treatment options.

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Botox affects the nerve ending temporarily

Botox is a purified protein that changes a molecule in the nerve ending which transmits the nerve signal to its muscle.  Botox itself is broken down and out of your system within hours, but it takes the nerve about 3 months to rebuild a new nerve ending molecule to function in the signal transmission.  Look at your old pictures to see if you had a pre-existing asymmetry or if there is anything else going on.  Direct injury to the nerve or muscle etc.  There is no logical explanation why Botox would affect you for 9 months.

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Ptosis after Botox

frequently when individuals notice an asymmetry after a treatment such as Botox, it was likely a pre-existing condition. I would suggest reviewing your before and after Botox pictures with your physician and see what the extent of the pre-existing ptosis was as it is highly unusual that your condition is related to the Botox injection 8 months ago.


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