It Has Been Almost 9 Months Since my BA and my Breasts Are Still Too High. Am I Able to Still Achieve the "Slope"?

I had my augmentation 9 months ago. I recieved silicone 400 cc's, moderate profile, under the muscle. I feel too big with too much upper pole fullness. Dr said to give it a year.Is there anything at this point that I can do to get the slope without having to have another surgery? I still wear my strap ALL the time, wear my sports bra really loose and am constantly pushing down on them. I hate the "upper pole" look that I have. What will fix my problem? A smaller implant? A different profile?

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Implants too high

Without seeing you in person it is difficult to suggest what would be best for you.  If they appear too high it can be many different things including too large of a diameter implant, or even a cc.

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Upper pole fullness after breast augmentation.

It is possible that you could see some improvements over time but it is less likely to happen after a year. It is however difficult to give you an opinion without seeing your pre-op and post-op pictures. I suggest you follow up with your plastic surgeon. He should be able to help you. It is simple to lower the breast implants if that is the problem.

Farhad Rafizadeh, MD
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