2 Months Post Jawline Liposuction, Is It Normal I'm Still Swollen?

I have had liposuction twice on my jawline...this time I had major lipo all over my body as well as the jawline ,although the lipo was just on my jawline but my whole face has been swelling on and off ,the swelling is also more on one side and less on the other.It has been two months to the operation.

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Jawline lipo

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It is possible that you have swelling of the jawline after liposuction at two months out.  Give it at least 3-4 months minimum.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Jawline swelling after liposuction

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Unfortunately, you haven't provided a photograph for evaluation.  I recommend that you see your plastic surgeon.  Also, since you report swelling of your entire face, I would have concern as to whether you are having an allergic reaction which is completely unrelated to your cosmetic procedure. 

Swelling after liposuction of the neck

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I would have to say that swelling of the face after neck liposuction would be unusual and I think you should see your surgeon to see what is going on.

Julio Garcia, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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