2 Months Since Initial Chin Implant & Having 2nd Corrective Surgery Done. Help!

Two months ago I went to a cosmetic surgeon to speak about getting a chin implant and eyelid surgery. In our initial consultation I spoke to him that my hopes of chin implant to good alternative to address correcting my profile aesthetically caused by my overbite bite. I had a good understanding of what the results could look like as 3 years earlier I had another doctor inject my chin with Restylane & I loved the results.I was ready to invest in this being permanent change vs temp.

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2 Months Since Initial Chin Implant & Having 2nd Corrective Surgery Done. Help!

 I agree that the question, regarding your chin augmentation with a chin implant is unclear.  This is typically a simple, straightforward procedure and I have done it many times over the past 25 years.  You may seek a second opinion before having further corrective surgery on the chin.

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Chin implant surgery revision

I'm sorry, but I am a bit unclear as to your question.  It sounds as if you had a chin implant placed 2 months ago and now you are having a revision done.  If that is the case, you didn't mention why a revision is needed and if you had any problems after the implant was initially placed.  That information would be helpful to try and give you advice.    

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