Is 8 Months of HRT OK for Vaser Lipo? (photo)

Hello Doctors! I'm a 22y/o,5' 7",151lbs, Male to Female transsexual woman (pre-operative) with 8 months of HRT. I'm interested in Vaser Body Conturing to flatten my tummy & fat grafting to widen my hips. I exercise 3x/week, but like my Mother, my stomach stays the same. My question is, with only 8 months of HRT and a decent athletic build, would I be a good candidate for this procedure? If I am, could I expect reasonable results? Thank you in advance for any help offered!!! :D

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Vaser patient suitability

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Thank you for question.

Vaser procedure is a body reshaping procedure, so toned up muscles are necessary to get good results. Having been on HRT only for 8 months might not be enough to make female pattern of fat accumulation and oestrogenise your body enough for fat graft survival on your hips.

In our clinic we use patient suitability matrix which takes into account: patient weight (grossly obese patients are not suitable), ratio of the subdermal to visceral (internal, behind the muscle wall fat) - if you have more visceral fat then removal of subcutaneous fat will make little difference. Skin quality, subdermal asymetries and patient expectations are other factors taken into account to assess patient's suitability.

Looking at your pictures I think you might have quite a bit of visceral fat pushing abdominal muscle wall out. Cycling exercise is good way to get rid of this type of fat as it cannot be removed by Vaser.

I also would advise you to have your waist done at the same time when you do your Vaser for the abdomen, then you will get more feminine shape and also skin will retract all the way around your abdomen and flanks,

I would suggest ot postpone your operation for another 8-10months while you continue your HRT.

Good luck with your new life!

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