4 Months out of Face and Neck Lift Still Have Lumps in Neck and Tightness

in jaw line. thick scarring behind ears and back of neck. should I be concerned? I am slim and people notice my neck. I was worried there was something wrong with lymp nodes or thyroid.

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Scars from facelift

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If you are not happy with the scars from your facelift, then I would wait another 6 months or so and have them revised.

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Lumps and Scarring after Facelift

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I'll try to answer each of your questions. Tighness may be a good thing and typically resolves as sensation improves and the deep tissue relaxes. Lumps may be secondary to small localized hematomas or underlying sutures. Massage or ultrasound may help. The scars can be injected with Kenalog to avoid the need for scar revision at a later date. Your problems are probably secondary to the surgery, not existing medical conditions.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Surface irregularities after facelift

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Sometimes it is possible to feel lumps in the face or neck after facelifting several weeks after surgery, and these may be due to scarring or sutures under the skin. Especially in thin skinned individuals, these may be easy to notice. Your surgeon should examine you and determine if they are due to other causes. Scars behind the ear will continue to soften over several months' time, but you should make your surgeon aware of any thick or tight bands that you are feeling as he/she may recommend intervention with silicone creams or kenalog injections.

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

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