6 Months to Get 1 Cm Basal Cell Carcinoma Removed from Scalp. Is That Reasonable?

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6 Months to Remove Basal Cell Carcinoma?

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A BCC has likely been present for years prior to even being detected clinically. This said, 6 months is not necessarily too long to wait if the tumor is a small one, but I prefer to remove cancers with this diagnosis closer to within a 2-3 month time period. Be sure to discuss this or other concerns with your provider.

How long to wait for Mohs

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Is there a reason it's scheduled 6 months out? Is this based on the surgeon, you, or other circumstances? While BCCs are generally slow growing cancers, it's always best to have a necessary procedure in the most timely fashion, so I usually recommend 3 months or less between the biopsy and Mohs procedure.

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Time for M

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Thankfully basal cell carcinomas are typically slow growing and are very treatable. That being said 6 months is too long to have to wait for surgery.  Simply go to the website for the American College of Mohs surgery and you can find a fellowship trained surgeon near you.  Lesions can grow, get infected, or even track along nerves. Good luck. 

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