About 9 Months Ago I Had Got Breast Implants and Want to Know if I Am Able to Get a Breast Lift After Getting Implants?

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Breast Lift after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question.

Yes, it is possible to undergo breast lifting surgery after breast augmentation surgery. Much of what is indicated/necessary will depend on your physical examination and goals.

Breast lifting involves some degree of tightening and lifting the breast skin envelope.  In order to tighten the skin envelope, skin excision is necessary;  this results in the presence of scars. 
Sometimes, the presence of scars is a “dealbreaker”;  patients would prefer to leave their breasts unchanged than to have scars. At other times, patients  prefer to have the improvement in breast position, shape, and (possibly) size  and are willing to accept the trade-off of scars.
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You can have a breast lift 9 months after a breast augmentation if you wish.

Occasionally, a patient does not get the correction desired with an implant only and wishes to have a lift.  9 months after the augmentation it is perfectly safe to proceed with the breast lift.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Lift after augmentation

Yes, you can get a breast lift procedure after an augmentation.  And, given that you've had 9 months to settle, you could likely have it done at any point.  We are frequently performing these procedures simultaneously, but there are sometimes reasons to perform them staged apart in the event that one is concerned about the blood flow to the skin being compromised while doing them at the same time.  Good luck!

Jennifer Lauren Crawford, MD
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Yes, this is how breast augmentation and lift used to be performed


Yes, you could get a breast lift at 9 months after having breast augmentation especially if you do not notice any additional healing changes with your breast.  Breast augmentation and breast lift used to be performed separately in the past.  Currently the vast majority are performed at the same time.

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Lift after augmentation

The short/quick answer to your question is - yes.   You can always have a lift procedure after breast augmentation.  Please see your PS to learn more about your options. Best of luck.

Dr Basu

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Am I Able to Get a Breast Lift After Getting Implants?

After nine months, if you feel you may need a breast lift, this is certainly an appropriate time to talk with your surgeon.

So long as your expectations match what your surgeon can offer, there is no reason not to proceed whenever it works for  you!

Thanks for the question, best wishes.

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Breast lift possible after augmentation

Yes, you can get a breast lift after augmentation.  In fact, a staged approach has many advantages associated with it.  You now know how your breasts have settled since your augmentation so the surgeon will better be able to determine the amount of lift and/or approach that is right for you.  I suggest a consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon to learn more about the procedure.  Good luck to you!

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
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Yes, You Can Get A Breast Lift, Probably

Once you have had a breast augmentation and if your breasts are still ptotic (droopy), then a breast lift is very possible.  Depending on how much your breasts weigh would determine what kind of lift you can get and how much scarring you would have to put up with.  If your implants are not very big and your desired lift is not too great, then my favorite type of lift is a circumareolar or Benelli mastopexy.  Sometimes, even just a dual plane release may be sufficient to get your nipples up to where you want them. 

All that being said, I would recommend you go back to see the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who did your breast augmentation.  After a physical exam, he or she would be the best person to advise you on the possibility of a lift.

Lift of breasts after implants

Certainly at nine months after undergoing a breast augmentation, if you need a breast lift, you can probably have one.

Steven Wallach, MD
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