Almost 4 Months Later and Am Already Sagging After Lift and Natrelle Implants? (photo)

I'm 5'4" 128 lbs. I have three children and nursed them all. I was a 34DD prior to surgery as well as now. I am VERY happy with the size, but am not happy with the sagging. After a couple weeks, I noticed the inside bottom portion of each breast started to go from being rounded to making an L. I shared my concerned to which the PS stated we might need to take off more skin. I wore a band 2 mos above implants to try and push them down. I'm meet w/ PS this Fri and appreciate any advice.

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A repeat breast lift will in most cases correct continued sagging and improve the position of the nipples

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Residual breast ptosis after mastopexy/augmentation

Thanks for your inquiry and great photos.  You are doing the right thing by voicing your concerns and your plastic surgeon is doing a good job communicating back.  I would emphasize to you that your surgeon understands the details of your first operation the best and as a long as he/she is a board certified plastic surgeon with a good reputation, he/she should be able to navigate you to your result.  Good luck.

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Almost 4 Months Later and Am Already Sagging After Lift and Natrelle Implants?

I agree with doctor Wallach you need revision full lifting to obtain a corrected appearance. Best to seek in person second opinions. 

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Sagging 4 months later

Judging based on the pictures you have posted, I would have to agree with your PS that you may need revision surgery to further tighten the skin envelope.  I would recommend waiting until the 6 month mark prior to doing this, however.  The implants can still fall until this time, and may fill out the lower poles.  I don't think this is likely, but it is possible, and will only cost you another 2 months of waiting.  


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Concerns after Breast Augmentation/Lifting Surgery?

Thank you for the  question and pictures.

I would agree with you and your plastic surgeon that revisionary surgery may be helpful to you. Assuming you are pleased with the breast implant size and position, further tightening of the “skin envelope” may be helpful  in achieving your goals.

 I would suggest that you continue to communicate your questions/concerns with your plastic surgeon in a calm/constructive fashion. Understand, that even in the best of hands,  the need for revisionary breast surgery is not unusual for patients undergoing breast augmentation/mastopexy.

Best wishes.

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Revision breast lift

It looks like you may need a revision breast lift if you are not satisfied with the result.  Speak with your surgeon and follow up closely.  Good luck.

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Sagging After Lift and Natrelle Implants

It is good to hear that the size is satisfactory. I agree with you (and apparently with your surgeon) that there is still some excess skin>  Perhaps the nipples and areolae could be elevated a bit more or the implants lowered, (though the former seems more appealing as I see the photos) while the excess skin from the lower pole of the breasts is trimmed. 

Thanks for your question, and for the photos which were quite helpful. Best wishes. 


Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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