2 Months Post Vaser Lipo and Belly is Swelling?

i was liking the results till now .where my belly was very flat and looking good ...but for some reason it looks like iam pregnant now after 2 months is this normal??


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Post vaser swelling

Swelling after liposuction using vase is fairly common. It usually takes several months for this to settle down.

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Post-vaser swelling

Liposuction including VASER or LASER-assisted liposuction frequently causes seroma or fluid collection and requires intensive management to prevent hardening. In our practice, all patients undergoing body contouring especially with VASER, undergo 2-3 weeks of hand on post-lipo care to help expedite recovery of the treatment area.


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Having swelling 2 months post-surgery is common. In our practice we like to tell our patients to wear a compression garment for a few month to help contour your body and help with the swelling. Each practice is different. Make you follow up with your PS to make sure you haven’t accumulated a seroma (fluid).


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