8 Months After Upper Eyelid Surgery

I had upper eyelids surgery to correct Peripheral vision in Dec 2009. My left eye is great but my right eye is discolored and swells constantly. While under local anesthesia I heard everyone talking and felt only the surgerons pressure, however when he cut into the inner portion of my right eye, I felt a sharp pain and moved abruptly, surgeon ordered more anesthesia. It hurts in that area. Surgeon thinks its gland infection,Ophtamologist said it's nothing. Could a gland have been cut?

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You have wound inflamation

Please have a second consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon . You have possible retain cyst or stitches and need to have  excision .

New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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It may be a low-grade infection

Some unusual infections can occur late and be hard to treat. Please see another doctor who does a lot of eyelid surgery for another opinion.

Jeffrey Schiller, MD
Edison Oculoplastic Surgeon
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