4 Months After Smart Lipo and No Results?

March 1, I had smart lipo done on my flanks, back, upper and lower abdomen. Is it something i'm not doing because I still do not see ANY results? Could it have been the doctor? Anyway, i'm 29 years old 5'3 and weigh almost 200lbs. My goal is not to be skinny but just wanted to tone up a lil and look better in my clothes. My stomach has softened completely and is back to hanging fat. Should I wait a lil longer for results or consider a touch up? Oh, and he took out 2 1/2 containers of fat

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Smartlipo results

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Smartlipo can take between 3-6 months to see a final result. Every patient heals differently post procedure.

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No results after Smart lipo

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I use the Smart Lipo triplex in my office and have had very good results with it; however, the patient has to be a good candidate for it.  I would definitely discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon and review the pre-operative and post-operative photographs.


The older models of Smart Lipo did not break down the fat as well as the newer Triplex machine.

Smart lipo and post-op results

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Sorry that you feel that you did not get the result you were looking for. It is best to discuss this with your surgeon and review your per-op photos and post-op results. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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