3 Months After Labiaplasty, I Still Have Pain After Sex?

3 months after my OP, and I still have pain after sex (not during sex), after rough sex there is always pain and the left side gets swelling. Dr told me that I have wait because this pain is normal as long as there is no infection and the wound healing probably and it well gets better, he said every month you will notice different result. I am worried about that pain, every time I have to wait 1 or 2 weeks till the pain and swelling gone.

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Pain with sex 3 months after labiaplasty

Thank you for your question. I generally recommend six weeks after labiaplasty and/or clitoral hood reduction before engaging in sexual activity including masturbation. The incisions may not quite be ready for all the friction and pressure that accompanies sexual activity.
Even after six weeks, you may continue to experience residual inflammation after the friction associated with sexual intercourse.  You may want to use additional lubrication.  You discomfort should resolve with time. 

Pain and swelling at three months

Pain and swelling may still exist at three months, but it will get better as time passes. You may want to take it easy when having sex and use lubrication. If your condition doesn't improve, please see your surgeon.

Pain after labiaplasty surgery

Discomfort is not common three months after labiaplasty, but this may be occuring as normal wound healing. I would begin with an examination with your surgeon afterwards when you experience the pain so that a more directed assessment can be made. 

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Pain after labiaplasty

It is not uncommon to have some pain 3 months after labiaplasty, especially if you had a trimming labiaplasty rather than a wedge labiaplasty. The pain should slowly improve but may take another 3-6 months. Of course, you should follow up with your plastic surgeon and follow his/her advice.

It is rare for the pain to be permanent. 

3 Months After Labiaplasty, I Still Have Pain After Sex

It is not uncommon to have some pain at three months.  It is more common if you had a trimming labiaplasty than a wedge labiaplasty.  The pain should slowly improve but may take another 3-6 months.  A strong cortisone cream applied to the tender areas for a few weeks may eliminate the discomfort. You should ask your doctor.  It is very uncommon for the pain to be permanent.


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3 Months After Labiaplasty, I Still Have Pain After Sex?

It's not uncommon to have some pain at three months post-op.  Some people have pain, some don't.  You need to be checked by your surgeon (as you have been) and then you should use extra lubrication and, perhaps, back off a bit from the extra-rough sex until this settles down?  As with all surgery, there is a recovery period and tremendous variability from patient to patient.  Giving it a little longer to heal on its own may be helpful.

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After Labiaplasty, Pain After Sex

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing pain and swelling after sex 3 months after your labiaplasty procedure.  It is good that you have seen your surgeon and he has determined that there is no infection.  It can take up to 1 year for the scars to completely heal.  So it is likely to continue to improve for some time.  Since the opening of the vagina is usually tighter after labiaplasty, it would be very advisable to use plenty of lubrication during sex to make sure that there is not too much friction on the labia minora during the sex which would certainly cause post-sex pain and swelling.

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