3 Months After Facelift and Lower Eyelid Lift I Can See & Feel 2 Bumps About 1" Away from the Eye Corners, What Could they be?

Hi - 3 months after face lift and lower eyelids surgery I can feel and see 2 hard bumps half way between the corners of my eyes and the hair line. Will they heal and go away on their own or does my doctor need to do something to get rid of them (injections, LED lights, laser etc)? Your advice is much appreciated. Thank you. Camelia

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Possible sutures.

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Not having access to the actual operation report, and not saying any pictures, it is tough to say. But I would venture a guess that what you are feeling are sutures that you surgeon used to support your lower eyelids from sagging postoperatively from scar contracture.

If the sutures are absorbable, they usually will resolve with time and massage. However, some patients may react adversely to some sutures and it may need to be removed.

Please consult your surgeon, or get a second opinion [obtain a copy of your operation report if you do]

Try and be patient, some sutures may take a long time to fully absorb.

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