3 Months After Eyelid Surgery - One Eye is Great, but the Other Droops, Will This Get Better?

3 months after upper eyelid surgery - on one eye, the skin above the lid droops on the outer corner, covering most of the outer eyelid (the inside lid is fully lifted). The scar at this spot looks & feels a little swollen (not red). My surgeon said there might be scar tissue under the scar, and mentioned that I have a heavy eyebrow that also contributes to the droopy lid. Will this improve? Will the skin tighten if/when the puffiness goes away, or will I need revision surgery?

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3 Months After Eyelid Surgery - One Eye is Great, but the Other Droops, Will This Get Better?

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Probably not.  At 3 months post Blepharoplasty the eyelids should be almost completely healed and there's no mechanism that's going to magically lift the eyelid.

Postoperative asymmetry

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I would definitely wait at least  6 months-  there are many factors that contribute to asymmetry such as different amount of swelling, eyebrow position, position of the lid margin, amount of skin left behind... the list goes on.  Give your body some time to heal and have the surgeon reevaluate you.  Revisional surgery is always a possiblity but taking that step too early can lessen the predictability. 

Michael A. Connor, MD
West Palm Beach Oculoplastic Surgeon

Based on what are describing you are likely to benefit from revisional surgery.

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You have not provided photos and email is no substitute for an actual consult. However it is unlike that what you are describing will simply resolve on it's own. However things do change. For this reason it is advisable to wait 6-12 months after the original surgery before considering a revision. Your original surgeon may or may not be able to perform the revision depending on the technical issues.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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