Six Months After Breast Augmentation - Difficulty Sleeping, Feel a Sharp Pain on Both Breasts

I had my breast augmentation done on 4/2010. Since then I have not been able to sleep well. I feel a very sharp pain in both breast when sleeping. They do not hurt during the day. Only when sleeping. Will this go away? or is this normal?

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Breast Pain after Augmentation

Most pains do resolve over time after surgery. Sometimes the pressure on nerves from the implant can give rise to sharp shooting pains. It can take a full year for these types of symptoms to improve. The fact that they are intermittent and only at night is a fairly good sign that nothing serious is going on. I certainly would discuss the issue with your doctor for further evaluation and reassurance.

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Answer to Difficulty Sleeping and Sharp Breast Pain

So sorry you are having difficulty sleeping and breast pain.  It is normal sometimes for almost up to a year to get randon sharp shooting pains, but in all honesty not the the point of sleelessness.  I would ask you are your breasts about the same size and do they have about the same symmetry as after your procedure?  If the answer is yes, you may want to visit with your surgeon again and see if there are any further recomemndations or tests.  You may also want to sleep in good support bra at night and pillows up under you.  Hope you feel better soon.

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Chronic pain after breast augmentation.

First, follow-up with your surgeon. Any woman with ongoing breast pain needs to be examined by a physician to rule out all possible causes. In this case, following breast augmentation, some pain is not uncommon even months after the procedure. Implant massage may be helpful. Motrin may be helpful. If insomnia is a contributing problem, treating it with a prescription sleep medication from your physician may be appropriate as well. To reiterate, pain that does not resolve merits a visit to your physician.

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Pain in breasts

It is difficult to figure out the timing of when you had surgery to now, but if youa re having a lot of pain you should probably see your surgeon tomake sure evertything is ok.

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Pain at night after breast implant augmentation

You may be experiencing resolving neuropraxias. Breast implant displacement exercises performed prior to going to sleep may halp in diminishing hte pain you are experiencing during the night. Generally, this should resolve with time.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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