Four Months After BA and I'm Pregnant? Need Advice on Bras and Keeping my Breasts As Best As I Can Please?

I had my BA four months ago on June 17th and have recently found out I'm 10-11weeks pregnant! My surgeon recommended I carry on wearing supportive/sports bras and using bio oil through out the pregnancy. Can I use macom compression bras? I've gone up a cup size to an E already and am worried about sagging etc. is there any specific bras you'd recommend for through out the pregnancy? Many thanks, Lauren :-)

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Pregnancy after Breast Augmentation

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Supportive bras will be important especially when exercising. Make sure they provide enough support to prevent bouncing and significant motion.

Bras during pregnancy

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I agree that you want to continue to use a nice, supportive bra. When exercising make sure that your sports bra gives firm support and prevents bouncing. Use of Bio Oil or other skin softening agents may help in the prevention of stretch marks.

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
Katy Plastic Surgeon

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