7 Months PO Abdominoplasty, Shouldnt Look Like This, What Do I Do?

from the look of my stomach does it look like i have to have it done all over again? some please help me im so sad what should i do about this ?

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Photographs can be confusing after abdominoplasty.

The photograph provided are confusing. It looks as though there some persistent one problem and possibly even a drain in place. This certainly should not be the case seven months after abdominoplasty.

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7 Months PO Abdominoplasty, Shouldnt Look Like This, What Do I Do?

Need better posted photos to respond. Not sure exactly what was done a full TT or mini TT?? Awaiting better photos 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Hang in there.

Do you still have an open wound? You really need to have a healed wound before you even think about revision. And then you need to let it settle for 6 months to soften up. Things can look ALOT better after that time. The priority in your situation is to get the wound healed. Do you have any wound healing problems like lupus or other immunodeficiency? It looks like you will need operative debridement and packing to close the cavity rather than relying on a drain because if this is 7 months it's too long. Opening up the non healing wound does make it larger but it will remove all the granulation tissue and then the wound will heal from the bottom up. It sounds awful but at this point in time it's what I would do.

Alastair Taylor, MBBS, FRACS
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