1 Month Pregnant with Rhinoplasty Infection?

I have an infection so i need to remove the silicon implant, i just realized that i'm 1month pregnant..is there any complication? i've taken antibiotics like clindamycin, bactrim and dicloxacillin are these antibiotic will have an effect on fetus?

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1 month pregnant with Rhinoplasty infection

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Having an infection after a rhinoplasty after 1 month is not a normal event and, therefore, has some chronic implications.  If this is the case the reason for the infection should be found, which may require I&D of some mini abscess in the nose or some dead tissue left over from the rhinoplasty.  Any antibiotics should be cleared with the OB/GYN doctor before it is given.  In most cases it should tried to be cleared by a natural surgical process.

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