2 month post TT. We made love. Now I have this full, tight feeling. It feels swollen unless I have my binder on. What is wrong?

My stomach is also protruding more than usual and it still feels tender above and around my navel which is healed pretty well. Why am I so swollen?

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Protruding stomach

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Dr.AdamTattlebaum has explained very clearly the process of healing and i fully concur with him,however there's, just this one little thing that bothers me, because you have mentioned the circumstance after which you have noticed the protrusion,if you are very sure that after that instance only you have noticed the swelling and before it was normal, it may be that some sutures have given away or some muscle fibres have diastased,just to be doubly sure get yourself examined again by your PS .This will relieve a lot of tension and you will be absolutely sure that everything is fine.

What happens two months after abdominoplasty ?

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Thanks for your question.  What you're describing is not uncommon, but when in doubt please check in with your plastic surgeon.

The peak of scar tissue in the lower abdomen is about 6 weeks after the surgery.  To get your incision healed your body has deposited large amounts of random scar tissue which is holding your wound together.  About six weeks out when this scar tissue is at its biggest point it tends to cause fluid to be trapped  in the skin and fat that lives above the scar. 

During this phase people tend to be somewhat puffy above the lower abdominal incision.  The binder helps keep this puffiness down.  People notice it more when they've been standing during the day because fluid tends to move down by gravity and is trapped by the scar.

The good news is in that the scar tissue that is holding you together diminishes over time and while the amount of scar tissue goes down the strength actually goes up.  As the amount goes down the fluid that is above the scar starts to go away and does not return.

Healing from a tummy tuck truly takes about a year in you a very early in the healing process.  It sounds as though what you're going through is normal, but just to be sure there is nothing else going on please make an appointment to see your plastic surgeon and have him or her check you out.

Best wishes.

Adam Tattelbaum, MD
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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