1 Month Post Op, my Implants Have Hardly Dropped, Should I Go Braless??

I had 600cc smooth round cohesive mentor HP under the muscle 4 weeks ago. They are not dropping and the upper pole is still very full, the lower is lose with very little filling. I have read here about ace strap ( which I have went back to wearing at night), massage which i have faithfully done three to four times daily, and ibuprofen and suggestions of time and gravity. My question is, should I go braless a few hours per day ( night after I get home from work) to promote the 'gravity' factor?

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One month post implants. Swelling?

You are still swollen. This swelling may persist for a few weeks. Your implants seem "high" to you as well. This is normal as people usually look great on the table, and when they wake up the implants rise up toward the collar bone. They will usually start to move downward at about three weeks. It may take 6 to 12 months for some implants to settle into final position. Do not run out and buy a bunch of new bras anytime soon.  Our office likes message to help the process.  Let your board certified plastic surgeon know your thoughts. They will help you through the process.

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When implants are first inserted, they sit high up because your tissues are tight and gravity hasn't taken effect. Over time, natural tissue expansion occurs to allow the implants to fall into place. By this time, your breasts will have taken on a more natural contour, where the lower breasts become softer and rounder. Please wait at least four months for this to happen.This process tends to occur sooner in one breast than the other, so don't be alarmed if you find that your left drops before the right or vice versa.
I don't recommend you go braless right now, as it can adversely affect your recovery, particularly if you have an inframammary incision. It can also accelerate the rate of ptosis.

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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High implants

Augmentation under the muscle causes tightness in that muscle which delays the droppage of the implants. This normally takes six months after surgery to occur and you should see improvement over time. GIven the size of your implants, I would expect that the muscle will take longer than usual to relax. I do not believe that going braless will speed the healing process. Be patient and continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Op, my Implants Have Hardly Dropped, Should I Go Braless??

Hello! Thank you for your question! You are still early post-procedure. Your appearance looks typical at this stage and will continue to improve as the swelling subsides and the implants continue to settle into their desired position. This usually proceeds over the next several weeks as the lower pole skin/breast stretches to accommodate the implants. Follow-up closely with your surgeon for additional restrictions/instructions and the potential use of bras/garments or massage that may encourage the implant to settle appropriately. If still displaced after this time, a surgical procedure may be necessary to further open the pocket and bring the implant(s) down. Hope that this helps! Best wishes!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
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Wait at least 2 months

The best thing to do is speak to your Plastic surgeon.  But, you should wait at least 2 months to get an idea as to how much the implants will drop.  With 600cc implants (which is on the large side) it may take longer; also if you are young with any full term pregnancies it would also take even longer.  It could also be that the implant is not positioned properly and even if this was the case you should wait at least 2 months and follow the progress.  I never use straps to push implants down.

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1 Month Post Op, my Implants Have Hardly Dropped, Should I Go Braless??

You should speak with your surgeon regarding this matter.  600cc is quite a large implant, it will take some time for them to settle. I don't even take after pictures until my patients are at least six months out from surgery.  It takes a bit for all the swelling to subside and the skin to stretch.

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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Post-op care after breast augmentation

Each surgeon has a different way of handling breast augmetation and certianly ane xam is necessary to evaluate each patient.  This is something best discussed with your surgeon. In general, I do not use bandeaus to push them down.

Steven Wallach, MD
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High riding implants

I tell my patients that you will see a big difference between one month and three months in the implants "dropping".  Anything that holds them up and keeps gravity from helping push them down will delay gravity somewhat.  So if you wish for them to drop sooner, I would encourage you not to wear a supportive bra.  But you should go see your plastic surgeon and ask them what they recommend.  Good question.

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Breast Implants Too High

Thank you for the question. 

I have seen breast implants settle/drop for many months ( and sometimes even up to a year)  after surgery. Going bra less can't  hurt,  but won't necessarily “promote the gravity factor”. I would suggest you continue to do what you are otherwise doing and to follow up with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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